Thursday, February 4, 2010

Get your leash, again!

So by now, Joe and I have practiced getting his leash and walking quite a few times! He caught on so fast! By the third time I asked him, he gingerly pulled his leash off my door knob. He does this so carefully, because there is weight at both ends of his leash. One end has the clip like a normal leash, and the other end has a portable container of doggy poo bags (shaped like a bone of course). It is so cute when Joe brings me his leash, he's so excited that he can do it on his own. How excited? I learned this today.

I was in and out of the house this morning, and the first to-do when I walk in the door is petting my dog, obviously. I let Joe in my room, and show him some love, since that's what he does for me. He's feeling pretty good about himself, and walks over to my door, and looks at my door knob. He grabbed his leash, and brought it over to me! I was quite impressed! He either really wanted to go for a walk, or since I was being so good to him, he wanted to be good to me by doing his new trick. Whatever the reason, we went for a walk! I've definitely enjoyed these walks with Joe, out on our own adventures. Each one though, tends to end with our friend the squirrel meeting us on our way home. Each time I let Joe loose, once in the yard, to bark at the squirrel. Since he is such a good dog :)

Now, I think it's time to pick the next trick! This is moving faster than I thought, and really the limiting factor is myself, managing my time to teach him, and write on here! I'm excited about everything else I can teach him, and about what I should teach him next, whatever that may be!